An Unapologetic Mess: A Clown Show!

at the Peoples Improv Theater

Thursday, March 30th @ 7pm

Tuesday, April 25th @ 8:30pm

Thursday, May 25th @ 7pm

Thursday, June 29th @ 7pm


Come see what's bound to be a wild party as a rotating cast of wonderfully maladjusted clowns partake in some messy fun. We'll make you laugh in the worst best way. Come see for yourself. It could change everything.

Clown for the Improviser
(Two-Day Intensive)

Saturday, May 6th & Sunday, May 7th 1-6pm

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Improvise through the eyes of a clown. Your body and mind send you an endless stream of impulses. The clown, through its vulnerability, responds instinctively to those momentary shifts. Through clown-work you step out of your critical mind and begin to improvise with your physical and emotional self, discovering games and truth in the moment and uncovering what is uniquely funny about you. By listening to the audience, the clown abandons all of its pre-conceived ideas and follows its true instinctual drive, to play and have fun!

Clown Training!

I teach various practice sessions, classes and workshops. If you are interested in an upcoming class or a private coaching/directing session, contact me at